Composite doors are today’s modern front doors.  They have many advantages over regular PVC-u doors.  Composite Doors are functional and practical offering super strength, durability, easy maintenance and high security.  They are reinforced with Galvanised Steel and the outside of the doors are treated with a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) compression moulding skin which means they are resistant to the elements. The locking system to these doors is one of the best accredited locking system in the country.

GRP Composite Doors

Composite Front Doors

Composite front doors are the preferred choice for many homeowners looking to replace their front doors.  Composite doors are popular and often chosen over upvc wood or steel doors. This is down to the fact they are very durably, very strong, offer great security and weather well.   They are also a great choice in terms of being low maintenance.  Exterior doors have to put up with sunlight and pollution and a lot of opening and closing.  This is why composite doors are gaining popularity.

Composite Doors Installs

If you would like your front door replaced with a composite door, take a look at our google reviews.  JMART pride themselves on carrying out professional quality composite door installations.

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Below are some composite doors installed by JMART:

Doors Windows Windows & Doors

Replacement Windows and Composite Door Muxton


Solidor Composite Door Installation